About Meplat Group

What is Meplat Group, LLC?

Meplat Group, LLC holds a Federal Firearms License and is a Special Occupational Taxpayer in Metairie, Louisiana.  We buy, sell, trade, and transfer firearms of all kinds including machine guns, silencers, short barrelled rifles and shotguns, and other Class III weapons.  We also provide training through our NRA certified instructors and advice to aid our clients in the selection and acquisition of firearms that meet their needs.

What’s with the name Meplat?

Meplat comes from a French word meaning flat and is the technical term for the tip of a bullet.  It is pronounced may-plah, but pronounce it any way you want—we won’t correct you unless you ask.

Who owns Meplat Group, LLC and why should we buy from you?

My name is Kenneth Bossetta and I am, by profession, an attorney licensed in the state of Louisiana.  Previous jobs I’ve held include Assistant Attorney General for the State of Louisiana where I litigated on behalf of the State, often defending the state police and correctional officers from civil rights lawsuits.  I was also a uniformed and plainclothes police officer.  I have worked undercover, drafted and served warrants, handled asset forfeiture and spent about a year as a DEA Task Force Officer.  When it comes to Class III items, can you think of anyone more qualified to guide you through the process and handle the paperwork?  For the same money you pay anywhere else you get an attorney handling your transaction from beginning to end.

How do I contact you?

You can call or text me at 504.717.3377.  You can also use the contact us form on this blog.


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